What's Inside

We care what we put inside

- Pediatrician Formulated by Dr. Lauren Crosby

- Specifically formulated based on Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI's) from the American Academy of Pediatrics

- Natural Spring Water

- 15 essential vitamins and nutrients to augment the diet, as nobody eats perfectly every day.

- 50% of those vitamins/nutrients for each age group (on purpose to help supplement kids' RDI's, NOT to replace). Calcium is 20% value based on the best way to provide the proper combination and balance of nutrients in a vitamin drink.

- Natural Flavors and Organic Colors

- Only 9 g of organic cane sugar (in both sizes). Important to add the lowest amount sugar that is also palatable for kids.

- Organic Monk fruit used to help sweeten (zero calorie sweetener that doesn't register on the glycemic index)

- Non GMO Project Verified - Gluten-Free - No citric acid